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Lovely x Cation The Animation episode 1

“Gakuen’s healing idol”
Yuni and the two of them got into the telephone box to take shelter from the rain due to the rain that started while they were leaving school.
I’m close to each other in a small space, but with Yuji, I’m a temporary lover pretend to be a man. I couldn’t do it, and I finally pressed for a kiss …!?・ I was playing a gun shooting game with Aya,

A junior gamer who hates to lose , but the game was over first. Aya quickly picks up a vacant gun and she begins to play with a two-handed pistol to the point of attracting the attention of the surroundings. Her classmate Yuki Amagase happens to be in the gathered gallery, and her story bounces. Aya, who was staring at it sideways, suddenly invited her to a photo booth machine when the game was over. Aya pushes forward to take pictures more closely than necessary because of the acts that are completely unfamiliar to each other. Such Aya suddenly became adorable and even more excited …!?