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Kotowari: Kimi no Kokoro no Koboreta Kakera episode 2

The main character, who has transferred to a town of history and tourism.
When he was young, half of his soul was eaten by the existence of “Koujin with fangs”, so he is associated with a special monster called “Kotowari” who nests in the darkness of the human soul who was involved with him even a little. It became a constitution.

On the first day of transfer, Miyo is fascinated by a female student, Yuki Yuigahama.
This is because he was a benefactor, Kazamidori, who died from “reason” and lost his life.
One day, Miyo encounters “Ri” with Yuki in the city.

During the battle, Yuki’s hand, which was about to be attacked by a sudden attack, reveals the same weapon as the former Kazamidori.
“Kazamidori” and “Yuki Yuigahama”.
She visits the Shinto Yuki’s house to find out the connection between the two, but all she knows is that she has something to do with her aunt.
Then, after a battle, they are attracted to each other from both sides, and the two overlap their skin.

Yuki has a lively thing in her mouth. Yuki’s big bouncy chest is rubbed with his left hand.
Their faces sometimes transform into sad and sometimes ecstatic expressions.
The relationship between Kazamidori and Yuki will be announced soon.

The two are drawn to a cruel fate and are now in the final battle.