Chijoku no Seifuku episode 1


Kenichi Yoshimoto, the hero who is hired and is the owner of an electric shop in the city,
finishes his daily routine of checking the images of the voyeur camera he set up and leaves the room with a garbage bag in his hand.

Today’s target is Kasumi Ogawa, who is a receptionist at a department store in the city.
Kasumi usually has a habit of wearing underwear like a whore under her uniform, and she was
masturbating in her underwear without knowing that she had been voyeurized by Kenichi.
She was threatened if she didn’t want Kenichi to dispel her true nature, and
Kasumi was forced to serve her while she was at work.

When Kenichi returns home after finishing the act, Akemi Tokusawa who lives in the next room is seen in the room.
Akemi, a married woman who used her body to apologize for the rudeness of her husband who hates Kenichi, has
already become sexually XX due to Kenichi’s threat.
Kenichi checks the voyeur video after the violent act is over.
Kasumi, who should be threatened and scared, is masturbating on the monitor …