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Variable Geo Neo episode 1

A few years after the end of the fierce battle to decide the strongest waitress called “VG” -Variable Geo-, Yu Asuka manages the family restaurant with his brother-in-law and has a busy but happy time. I was spending time.

But one day, suddenly, a huge amount of unprovoked debt falls on his brother-in-law. There is money to spend a happy time with my brother-in-law again … At that time

, “Virgin Godness” — A tournament that decides the world’s strongest waitress with a mysterious huge luxury liner with the initials of “VG” The event was announced all over the world.

The organizer is unknown, the winner has a huge prize, but the loser has a terrible humiliation. While one person from all over the world and one waitress gathered, Yu did not tell his brother-in-law anything and set out alone aiming for a luxury liner.