Chijoku no Seifuku episode 2


Kenichi Yoshimoto, the main character who is hired and is the owner of an electric shop in the city, spends his days checking images at home by installing a small camera everywhere he goes to repair electrical appliances.
Today’s target is Aya Toyomori, who works as a nurse at a hospital in the city.
Aya, who is indulging in masturbation in a vacant room even though she is working at night, is peeped by Kenichi and the state of her masturbation is photographed.
Aya who shows her image and succumbs to a mean threat.
If only this can not be handed over, Kenichi puts on a condom and acts, but Kenichi who is not satisfied with rubber ejaculation removes the condom and makes vaginal cum shot in Aya’s vagina.
After finishing her dressing, Aya is frightened by her future life and she cries quietly.
Even her appearance is projected on Kenichi’s PC monitor …