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Kindan no Byoutou The Animation episode 2

[Katsura Rinkai]
Sosuke has sex with Sara Uezumi as the final stage of counseling.
While monitoring the situation, the reincarnation that makes you a side dish of masturbation.
Fuyuno has returned after finishing her work there !!

[Reina Kenzaki]
A popular Akiba-kei idol, but actually Reina Kenzaki who hates otaku.
Worried about her extreme duality, she receives Sosuke’s counseling.
Sosuke takes Reina to the public toilet and uses the power of “Secret-Desire” to suck her cock.
In fact, Reina is a scent fetish and has a constitution that makes her excited by the smell of a man …!?

[Fuyuno Iwase]
Fuyuno also offers to participate in the “experiment” that Sosuke and reincarnation have continued so far.
Futanari’s so-called Futanari seems to have felt the splendor of her cock by witnessing her counseling.
Fuyuno who is blamed for her dick by Sosuke and is blamed for a meat stick by reincarnation.
In addition, Rinkai inserts her Fuyuno’s cock …