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Kindan no Byoutou The Animation episode 1

[Sara Uezumi]
Sara, a wealthy lady with androphobia, was counseled by a psychiatrist, Sosuke.
Sosuke has a special power, “Secret = Desire,” and when she is fascinated by her eyes, women are released from the contraindications and take unexpected actions.
For some reason, Sara also forgives her heart to Sosuke, and she takes off her clothes as she is told …

[Azumi Shiomi]
Azusa, a mother of two children and a swimming class instructor, has sex. I was worried about the less.
Her stress is so sharp that she looks like a meat stick …
Sosuke gives Azumi’s counseling and uses the power of “Secret = Desire”. She was made to change into a
bathing suit in front of a male member in a swimming class …! ? Was going. In the lobby, in front of Sosuke, she masturbates with a wide open leg and gives a blow job. In addition, Sosuke applies to the anal of reincarnation !!