Houkago 2 episode 1


What I really don’t want to hear is … My heartbeat that screams immorally

Kaoruko Sakakibara, a young female teacher at Ryuji Girls’ Academy, was pressed by her fiancé, Yasuyuki Segawa, and couldn’t take a step forward. Nothing has money, looks, or status. Segawa followed Kaoruko, saying that she was dissatisfied with me, but what she saw in Kaoruko’s car was an innocent and nasty figure serving a strange man’s huge cock.
Segawa is furious at Kaoruko’s betrayal. The point of her anger is directed to Tokairin Ao, a girl student who has been watching for a long time. Segawa, who is an excellent student at the academy and is given the name of Yurihime because of her neat appearance, is called to the underwear department after school and plans to entangle her with an aphrodisiac, but with a man Because Kaoruko who passed by forgets her self.
Moreover, Kaoruko began to have rich sex with a man in one of the fitting corners. That man is Ryuichi Shibusawa, a janitor who doesn’t get sick, which Segawa hadn’t even put on his teeth until yesterday. He was just a man who just recently came in as a temporary employment part-time job.
Shibusawa blames Kaoruko who can’t betray Segawa with a big cock. The witch eventually headed for Ao …