Innocent Blue episode 2


Yumi Ozaki, a nursing student who has more special feelings for her brother Hiroto than her brother and sister.
Yumi, who has mixed feelings but cannot divide the relationship between Hiroto and Nozomi, decides to be trained by her temptation that she may be able to care for her Hiroto if she becomes a special nurse. Was.
She didn’t know it was prepared …

A secret feeling exposed in front of her begging Yumi.
Yumi licks the big cock of her different man in front of her beloved brother.
In her arms of her beloved brother, Yumi is pierced by her different man and scatters her innocence.

On the other hand, Nozomi who holds her feelings for Hiroto in her chest and endures Inmura’s ○○. But she finds that her body is beginning to seek Inmura. The changing room where her worries were hanging. However, Inmura appears there, and is pierced by a thick meat stick again, and a rich spirit is released. To the depths of the womb … And Nozomi begins to be dominated by her body’s desires and even her heart.

In front of you, your loved ones fall into an irreversible carnal hell …