Arbeit Shiyou!! Let’s Arbeit! episode 1


Watch Hentai Anime – Arbeit Shiyou!! Let’s Arbeit!

Ep 1 – Hara Sayuri is a student who lives alone in a cheap apartment and holds multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet. While cleaning the windows of a building, she coincidentally ends up cleaning the windows of her elder brother’s office. However, upon calling out to him, she sees him becoming embarrassed. This leads to an awkward encounter between the siblings.

Ep 2 – Kagurazaka Fumina works part-time for a maid service and is a passionate cosplay-lover. She spends the day cooking, doing laundry, and cleaning for her new master. While tidying up, the master unexpectedly startles her. Despite feeling uncomfortable, Fumina continues to serve her master.

Ep 3 – Oshikiri Momoka has been working as a home tutor since graduating from university. One day, she falls asleep while tutoring a cute boy, which prompts him to sneak a peek at her notes. When Momoka wakes up, she finds the boy studying her notes and helps him to understand the topic better.