Inshitsu Otaku ni Ikareru Kanojo episode 3


Public pussy masturbation was performed in front of the public. A crowd gathers in front of Saki, one by one.
Saki realizes that she is a perverted and exhibitionist masochist. “Look at me more and more” After that, the call from the stalker continued, and the training called dating was repeated.
At one point, she receives an email saying, “I want to meet face to face from a stalker and love them together.” She further spells out that she “if you don’t come, let’s finish it all.”
Saki who is confused … Will it be thrown away? ?? ?? I don’t like that !! Go down the stairs leading to the designated place and the basement step by step.
The automatic door opens and the lights are illuminated all at once. What she was waiting for was the world of pleasure she wanted.