Innocent Blue episode 1


Mizuno General Hospital, which has both an attached medical college and a nursing school on the premises. Nozomi Saeki is a nurse who works in the pediatrics department. She was less than half a year married, she was Nozomi, but her husband was assigned to work alone. Every day she made up for her loneliness by giving a little bit to her younger cousin Hiroshi Ozaki.
Hiroto is a child of his father’s younger brother, except for his younger sister Yumi and his husband, who became a married woman who grew up like a sister and brother after losing his parents in an accident when he was young. It is the only partner who can be pampered with.
The Hiroto is admitted to Mizuno General Hospital. He seems to be hospitalized for a little inspection.
Nozomi on that day couldn’t control her uplifting mood. It was the day when she was conceived, “I want sperm”, which is troublesome for a woman, such as being immersed in a delusion that she should not be a married woman from the morning. And-Nozomi visits Hiroto’s room during her night shift patrol, where she is attacked by a masked duo.
“If you are a nurse, you have to protect the patient.”
Nozomi is laid down in the form of being taken hostage by Hiroto who is still asleep, and her femininity smells and her mature body is snarled until a mark remains!
“Please, stop! I have a husband! Forgive me!” A
strange man’s terrible cock breaks into the womb just dedicated to her husband.
The heat, shape, and size are extraordinary, filling the part of the woman of Nozomi so tightly that you can’t breathe, and carving incredible pleasure-it will eventually lead to unforgettable joy. It was.
Although she escaped only vaginal cum shot, she is bathed in the spirit of men and Nozomi sinks to the bottom of despair. On the other hand, her thirst for “getting the spirit” that began to smolder in the depths of her heart.
Nozomi is about to be pushed down the road to a lustful hell that can never return.