Hitozuma, Mitsu to Niku episode 4


“Everything is as the wife says.”
The wife always wears a kimono and sees her off.
However, she couldn’t help because the house that values ​​such style and appearance was cramped.
As a result of her servant Shinnosuke being taught by her virgin, she has grown to the point of satisfying her wife as she disciplined.
However, Shinnosuke’s speculation was not just to satisfy his sexuality.
He takes an action out of the desire to get all of his wife.

“About her daughter’s BF crying-”
BF Yukio visited Mika’s home where she was dating and asked Mika’s mother that she might break up.
The reason is that her thing was so big that she made Mika cry instead of making her happy.
Her mom was after all despised with her child, but when she saw her real thing with her pants down in front of her, she lost her reason to a stubborn, male-smelling thing and was completely into her young lust. To the squirrel who is defeated and violated.