D-Spray episode 1


Saionji is a middle-aged office worker who works for a major pharmaceutical company and is not even single. He continued to work for the company in a state where he could be restructured at any time.
One day, Saionji, who was seconded to the Technology Development Department, was ordered by the chief of a busty beauty to cooperate in a new drug experiment.
The medicine given under the name of “rejuvenating medicine” was actually an aphrodisiac that emits a pheromone that produces a strong aphrodisiac effect when sprayed on a man’s body.

Saionji immediately tries the effect of the aphrodisiac with his colleague Tomoka Kawasaki. Kawasaki, where the medicine works, is disturbed and actively seeks Saionji.
Convinced of the effects of her medicine, Saionji targets Sakuragi, who is the most beautiful and innocent school in the company.
Have Sakuragi call the section chief by e-mail and start having sex with Sakuragi who has had medicine in her office.
Push Sakuragi’s upper body against the chief’s desk to make her hips stick out and commit from her back.
By the time the section chief, who was called by Sakuragi, had sex, Sakuragi was hiding under the desk at Saionji.
Saionji talks with the section chief so that nothing happens. A section chief who goes home with a curse.
There was a figure of Omori watching over Saionji in a complicated way …