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JK to Orc Heidan: Aku Buta Oni ni Ryougyaku Sareta Seijo Gakuen episode 1

Shortly before Hong-The daily life at the young lady’s school changed to the world of murder and ○○ in an instant ….
Miss Yukino was complaining alone.
“Chi, what’s this?”
A man’s corpse rolling all over the school and a beautiful girl being pushed up by an ugly oak like a pig …
The tragedy that spreads in front of me … It seemed desperate to accept the reality that the peaceful daily life had changed.
Miss Saei was sick.

Even today, I didn’t listen to my sister Kotoko, and when I forcibly collapsed in the physical education class I participated in, I went straight to my usual place, on the bed in the infirmary.
Her worried sister hit her sister hard.
When they visit her corridor to go home, Kotoko is stunned by the improbable sight.
When she pushed Saei into the locker, she hid under the bed and tried to pass her eerily wandering oak, but
Kotoko tried to protect her sister who was about to find her. , At the expense of himself, he lures the oak …
“This isn’t such an older sister …”

In front of Sae, who looked into the corridor in search of her sister who was taken by the orcs, there was
Kotoko, who was pushed up violently and ecstatically devoured her cock …
After that, Saei encountered Yukino and hid himself together, but what slowly appeared in front of them …

The limbs exposed to the misery of the beautiful girls who are violently devoured by the ugly oak and are soaked in cloudiness ….
There is no way to make an orc that just shakes his hips ruthlessly, just like a doll, being teased, overrun, sucked, pushed up and poured,
humiliated every hole.