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Kichiku: Haha Shimai Choukyou Nikki episode 3

The ugly man’s training diary is completed !? Finally destroys the mother’s reason
! ..
The final target is “Hitomi”, two mothers who have abundant bodies.

Kinichi shows his eyes a lust with her sister.
Even though he was around the age, his body reacted to the sex that unfolded in front of him, even if he tried to turn his eyes away.

It was Hitomi who suppressed her sexual desire by her husband’s single assignment, but she is finally violated by her medicine when she is stunned.
Even if you don’t remember her head, Kinichi’s first step to the pleasure hell that has been firmly engraved on her body.
At last he can’t control his sexual desire and repeats intense masturbation.

Kinichi finally sees the scene.
A penis that rises violently and heroically in front of me … Although I resist, I accept the open anal smoothly.
Once the tag comes off, it won’t stop anymore … Eyes that hit the hips like a beast.

Eventually, her sisters joined in, and the feast of the luster bath finally began …