Abandon: 100 Nuki Shinai to Derarenai Fushigi na Kyoushitsu episode 1

Airisa Katagiri, Hikaru Tsumura, Miho Sonoda, Junpei Katagiri, and Tomonori Abe were given supplementary lessons.
While each of them complained, Abe looked at his smartphone and was sick by himself, but Hikaru saw it and was taken away.
On the screen, Abe won the AV screenplay award and a picture of Hikaru and others as an image actress was posted.
At that time, the screen was shining and the mascot character of the site came out from there.
The one that appeared is called a ruler, and it is said that the members here must shoot AV to get out of the classroom.
If you think about it normally, you can’t follow that, but you can show off the paranormal power of the ruler and realize that you have no choice.
Abe picked up a number of shooting items prepared by the ruler, one of them, a script that can shoot AV as written.