SLEEPLESS Nocturne The Animation episode 2


So, Tomoki and Yukino, they were invited to this mansion where the residents are all about indulging in abnormal sexual pleasures. It’s like a wild feast of desires and fantasies. The lady of the house, Marie, she’s a seductress who knows exactly how to drain Tomoki of every last drop of pleasure. She’s relentless, pushing him to his limits and beyond. And her daughter, Maria, she’s no different. Together, they unleash their insatiable appetites on Tomoki, taking him to unimaginable heights of ecstasy. But that’s not all, Yukino, she falls under the spell of Marie’s pet, Rui. This kinky creature(?) exactly know how to manipulate and tease Yukino, trapping her in a web of pleasure from which she can’t escape.