SLEEPLESS Nocturne The Animation episode 1


We have Kawai Tomoki and Komori Yukino, a young couple in college who are super excited about their upcoming date. But, their perfect day takes an unexpected turn when they get a flat tire and end up at the enigmatic Black Rose Mansion. Drawn in by the captivating charm of Mamiya Mari, Tomoki and Yukino agree to stay at this luxurious mansion alongside three other intriguing residents: the seductive maid Aira, Mari’s alluring daughter Mamiya Maria, and the eccentric maid Takamizawa Rui. Little do they know, their holiday at this mansion is far from what they imagined. As the days pass, Tomoki and Yukino find themselves entangled in a web of strange and unusual activities. They encounter peculiar characters and are thrust into bizarre situations, slowly realizing that they are trapped in the clutches of a sinister game. Will they be able to free themselves from the grasp of the Black Rose Mansion, or will they remain forever trapped in this perilous world of pleasure and danger? Only time will reveal their fate.