I Can episode 2


Miyu smiles as usual. Miyu was intertwined with another man in front of her, but Ryota couldn’t hear it straight.
When asked by Ryota, who is frustrated and crisp, Miyu has a casual attitude. She was anxious, but she couldn’t pursue it anymore …
Miyu’s work continued regardless of the passing of the two.

……… Ryota picks up Miyu who went to a handshake event at her bookstore.
Ryota, who couldn’t get along because of the school ‘s errands, was on his way to the bookstore’s office to greet him while staring at Miyu just before the end

. Miyu-chan ”
” I feel like I’m going to do something like this ~ ”

Ryota hears the rumors of obscene Miyu. Ryota is suddenly pressed by Miyu when he tries to cut out.
Ryota who ejaculates immediately to Miyu who sucks her cock. Miyu with a stunned expression … “Sure

, you came out right away …”

Miyu’s expression that shy like a trouble … The expression of a woman with mercy … Ryota had never seen it …