I Can episode 1


Innocent school idol, Miyu Todo.
Miyu, who has finally become a long-sought idol and her popularity has stabilized, cherishes a little time while staying at the house of this manager and boyfriend Ryota Tendo, who is sought after everywhere.
An obscene plan to visit Miyu who is aiming to become a top idol in the entertainment world while working hard with her school friend and her good rival Reina Horiike …

Miyu who should have always been on the side. Ryota, who cannot stay with him because of his academic priority, goes to the TV station to meet Miyu.
Her tense expression is a little blushing, and Miyu’s attitude is somewhat strange … Miyu has a provocative attitude that is different from usual for Reina who advised her about the fear of the entertainment world.
Her unusual and strange atmosphere was too late when I noticed …

one day on a TV station. Ryota was trapped in the called monitor room for some reason.
One monitor that jumps into Ryota’s eyes, which is in trouble because he can’t get out.
On the monitor where Miyu is in the dressing room, there is an incredible sight …

Miyu, who should have had no connection with her body … In that monitor, she swallowed the cock of the approaching P man … deeply. ..
Ryota rings Miyu’s cell phone. Miyu’s cell phone incoming lamp that shines in the monitor … Miyu,
who should have noticed, casually throws the cell phone into the bag …