Yokorenbo: Immoral Mother episode 1


The unforgivable immorality is that the body is not forgotten … One of the boys who invites sweetly to be violated and remembered …

Junko and Ryoichi, who have spent their time as a single-mother family, have
raised Ryoichi with their fine arms, but she never forgot that her plump, ripe body was a “woman.” While soliciting, Junko straddled Ryoichi’s meat stick that had been raised by her hand that night, dripping on Ryoichi who kept sleeping with the meds that had run out many times … With a look
………… A few years later, Junko remarried, and Ryoichi started a new life with his father-in-law and sister-in-law. However, it didn’t go well and someday it looked like a masked family.
Because Ryoichi also began to be aware of Junko who raised herself as a woman … And it went in a distorted direction by witnessing the sex between Junko and her father-in-law … When my feelings went out of control and I pierced Junko in the park at night, I screwed a cock that broke into the mouth of my high-handed sister-in-law …