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Secret Journey episode 2

Every day, Sanzo was squeezed with semen in the morning, noon, and night, and reached the limit of his physical strength.
One morning, when Goku approached Sanzo as usual,
he fitted a ring-shaped shinko given by an old master to a certain part of Goku.
It was only the surgeon, Sanzo, who could remove it, and it
was to accept Sanzo’s roots that he could calm his own turmoil (climax).
Sanzo made his begging Goku promise to devote himself to Buddhism and become a disciple.

The journey between Sanzo and Goku continues, and Hakkai and Gojo appear …

* What is Shinko:
A method that never allows you to reach the climax while giving an indescribable pleasure with delicate vibrations.
In the frustration of being crazy, he is severely annoyed by his greed.