Swimming Class Huge Breasts Teacher – Motion Comic


Japanese:スイミングスクールの爆乳先生のマンコで精通しちゃう理性崩壊中出し脱童貞! モーションコミック版


Swimming class during summer vacation.
I fall in love with Akari at first sight.
She has such big boobs that I can’t even concentrate during class, and for the first time in my life, I get an erection.
(I don’t think anything of it when I see my mother’s tits…)
I really want to see her tits in her swimsuit! I want to see her nipples! I want to touch them!
One day, knowing that she was not allowed to do so, she snuck into the teacher’s locker room.
There, he sees the most beautiful big tits and instantly loses all sense of reason,
He just hugged the teacher with his desire.
“Can’t you touch me?”
You’re an adult!
But your pussy is just as slippery as mine!
Stop it!
I want to touch it a lot more!
I don’t know, I’m getting turned on.