Accelerando: Datenshi-tachi no Sasayaki episode 3

“Harenchi Cafe Part 1”
Tamaki, who has a fun conversation with his boyfriend Ohashi while working, throws coffee at a couple with a bad pattern. The couple orders the waitress’ uniform to be taken off here. In front of the tied up Ohashi, Tamaki becomes naked …“The line of sister-in-law” Her
sister-in-law’s sister “Kanue” had a distorted sexual behavior in a crowded train and school against her younger brother “Hinoto”. One day, “Kanue” was calling her favorite Kimiha of “Hinoto” to her sexually active classroom …“Harenchi Her Cafe Part 2”
In the staff room of the cafe, shameful play to Tamaki continued. Tamaki, who was forced to have sex with Ohashi in front of her couple watching, gradually got excited.