Boku no Yayoi-san episode 3


[Conclusion 1]
Yayoi fell by the magical hand of Jazuka. Training of the serpentine that takes place in the living room, in the bath, in the bedroom, and everywhere in the house.
And Hiro who knows the relationship … The dark emotions that are born in Hiro.
Yayoi decides to break the relationship with Jazuka!

[Conclusion 2]
The progress of the training to Yayoi of Jazuka, the intense and relentless training, the judgment that gradually disappears and the disappointment to Hiro.
○○ to Yayoi that unfolds even in the house without being confused by Hiro.
Hiro who is shown training to Yayoi and accepts everything while being distorted.
The training of Jazuka ends here ??