Tsugou no Yoi Sexfriend? episode 1


Bloodstains scattered !? Marriage survival !!

Yu Arahama, the main character with five sex friends.
One day, a crack runs in his smooth sailing sex life.
Misako Shimizu, a colleague of the company, intended to be dating Arahama on the premise of marriage.

However, Arahama sees Misako as just a sex friend, and reveals that she has as many as four other sex friends.
Misako, her angry mind, gathers her sex friends in her Arahama apartment.
Ryoko Yanagi runs a coffee shop near her apartment in Arahama . Kotori Hoshino , a female student she knows .

Makiko Endo , the female president of a large company . Aina Kamishima I met on her dating site .
A colorful beauty surrounds Arahama.

Misako urges her to marry her by breaking her relationship with another woman.
However, the sex friends who were inspired and piggybacked also offered to get married all at once ….
Arahama who sits down on the ground and surpasses the spot.

At a later date, he persuades each and every one to withdraw the offer to marry, but …
Arahama, who has a bad habit of being a woman, conversely has a rich sex with each woman and pushes herself into a predicament.

Declaration of simultaneous marriage of five people !! Married to sex. The ultimate choice is here now !!!