Tsugou no Yoi Sexfriend? episode 3


Yu Arahama, the main character with five sex friends.
Misako Shimizu, a colleague of the company. Ryoko Yanagi runs a coffee shop near her apartment. A female student I know, Kotori Hoshino.
Makiko Endo, the female president of a large company. Aina Kamishima I met on a dating site.
No one could choose one of her … Accepting that feeling of Arahama, the five continued their sex friend relationship on the condition that they “equally love Arahama.”
However, Arahama’s body is exhausted because the days when five people are forced to have sex every day and night.

He doesn’t hate sex, but he felt the limit of his physical strength, and he suggested, “Why don’t you review this relationship?”
He is accused of being slammed by the heroines, but he drives the heroines out of the room saying, “I have a job tomorrow anyway!”
The heroines who have been expelled to Arahama hold an emergency meeting at a coffee shop run by Ryoko.

Arahama feels a burden because there is a danger that it will lead to the worst pattern, so it may be necessary to make rules once here. Proposed by Ryoko, an adult.
Can Arahama endure the erotic heavy rotation by her five beautiful women starting the next week !?