Mysterious Eye Event ~ Shinobi Pregnancy Plan ~ The Motion Anime


Japanese:魔眼催●〜シノビ孕マセ計画〜 The Motion Anime


“If the ‘kunoichi’ is an exquisite woman, it would be a waste to kill her… I will definitely make her mine…”

Saburo, the last survivor of the “Hazama Clan” that was annihilated due to possessing a powerful magical eye, was instructed by his dying grandfather to “avenge the Hazama Clan by killing the ninja who destroyed it.” However, Saburo, more interested in ‘procreation’ than revenge, set his sights on the ‘exceptionally skilled body of the kunoichi’ and devised a plan to impregnate the kunoichi with his child and increase the clan’s numbers.

The threat of the powerful ‘Magan Maio’ befell the peaceful ninja village. The ninjas were helpless against this formidable power and fell victim to manipulation of their exceptional bodies…