Tinderbox episode 2


“Honey Hive-Breakwater Girl-Part 1 / Part 2”
Hachimori Sumika is very much loved by her brother!
She was jealous when she saw her childhood friend Aya getting along with her older brother recently.
At that time, when she was alone in a coffee shop, she decided to go to a club when her senior, Yumi Susaki, called out to her.

She was relieved at first when she was told that she only had to talk to a man, but she didn’t know that she should think that she was a rehearsal with her brother from Yumi. I have been attached to.

Although she was confused, she treated her like the children around her, but Sumika was left behind by the men because of Yumi’s betrayal. “Why do I look like this …” When she got home, she heard Aya and her brother’s fiercely intertwined voice through the door. She was heading to that club when she thought about it. She forgets everything and finds her whereabouts …