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Mashou no Nie 3 episode 2

Iris, Mireille, and Olivia, the captain of the female pirate, who were captured, continue to be violated by the thieves as much as they like, and their spirits collapse.
On the other hand, Ruily, the lord of the Black Snake Company, escapes and is defeated by Klaus’s attack.
Klaus and the pirates came in by kicking the door to Louise who was in the brothel.
Adam, his minion who seemed to have come to the rescue, was also given a powerful inspiring agent handled by the Black Snake Company, and his only purpose was to commit like a beast.
The target was his master, Louis Lee.

Then, Klaus reigns as a king and tells the people that he will be reborn as a pirate kingdom of weak meat and strong food.
Those who are captured will continue to be violated as a sacrifice for the further development of the kingdom …