Tinderbox episode 1


“Scorched Girl Part 1 / Part 2”
The beautiful appearance and outstanding style of “Nuna Kurisaka” is attracting attention in the class, but the face behind it is a super-perverted exhibitionist who loves masturbation!

One day, when her relatives asked me to model a picture, I went to the scene and found that the model was a nude model ?!
It wasn’t the first time she was naked in public, but Nana was a few years ago. I remember a small fire lit in my heart.

And the teacher in her classroom saw her all.

Every time she gets smeared with the cloudiness of her crowd, and every time she looks down on her, her distorted self-esteem immerses her in joy, falls and falls, transforming her.
And finally, in order to destroy her virtual image that she has built …