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Muma no Machi Cornelica episode 1

Al, a human boy who lives in Cornelica, the city of succubus, the world where succubus live.
Beside him is Lily, a succubus girl who protects him.
Surrounded by dangerous succubus trying to squeeze a man’s spirit, she lives while being protected by Lily.
Al, who is helping the church in the city, reaches out to the devil of Hakura, the lord of the church.
Al was poisoned by Shirara.
He has no choice but to ejaculate to cure the poison.
The treatment by Shirara and Lily begins with squeezing!
If you go to the bar further, Al will be attacked by Rosalie, the owner, and Arne, the tool shop.
Two people who attack Al who fainted in an accident while saying that he is a caretaker.
After being squeezed by two succubus …