Dark Future episode 2


Satoshi Aida, Kaede, and Inaho, the director of the newspaper department of Nagi Gakuen, were devoted to interviewing about “ghost turmoil.”
Around that time, Shien, who lives with Sugi,
gets an invitation from her classmate Chayamachi to the “Psychiatric Club”. Members attacking Shien all at once.
With a huge syringe, the solutions are filled in one after another.
Women who are excited by the shame and enema pain of the golden liquid flowing out .
Shien who cramps sensitively when jumping and shakes her ass.
The flash is fired all at once, and the shutter of the camera is pressed.
Her urine and her love juice run down the cracks in her ass and flow down from her thighs to the floor …

The only thing waiting for them to open the door of the aroma party of the medical club was the