Stringendo: Angel-tachi no Private Lesson episode 12


“Continued runaway daughter”
Tomohisa goes out with senior Mizuho who is running away from home.
When Mizuho and Tomohisa enter the karaoke box, they get excited with a blow job and it’s time to go live!
――But the two of them leave the room because the time has come.
And it was her mother’s car that Tomohisa chose to dawn!
The two frustrated people who couldn’t do it until the end were entwined in a narrow car …!? Mr. Mikura was asked by the photography department to take a model.

The shooting was done in the art room after school, and Endo, who was asked to help, was secretly hiding in the waiting room where he changed his clothes. Ms. Mikura happily acted as a model, and she posed herself in a terrible pose. In addition, while she was taking a break, she chewed Endo’s penis …