Fuurinkanzan episode 1


The Kai region is located in the center of the island country called Hinomoto.
It was divided into two countries, Hizen and Higo, and there was a fierce battle day and night.
Compared to a lowly country with abundant military and resources, a lowly country with abundant human resources but inferior in other respects was forced to be inferior.
In order to overcome the inferiority, the beautiful girl warrior, Setsuran, proposes one measure.
She said she could take a woman from an enemy country and make her into a whore to train and recruit soldiers.
Chosen as her trainer, Uneme accepts her devilish plan to win her battle and fulfill her revenge.
On the other hand, Akane, a princess warrior who is a half-sister of Megohime, was captured by Yoshinori Imae and received a terrifying ○○.

Akane who is disturbed by being drunk with an aphrodisiac while resisting her temper.
And Yukiran’s plan was successful, and many men who wanted soldiers flocked to the woman who had finished her training.
Ridge and Yukiran are confident that they can win.
However, the kind-hearted Aihime was staring sadly at the vengeful advance of those who burned with revenge …