Stringendo: Angel-tachi no Private Lesson episode 1


Tomohisa and Endo are ordinary male students who are neither special beauty boys nor ugly boys. The destinations they look at are senior Mizuho, ​​a returnee child who is fascinated by her beauty, and her classmate Mikura. Mizuho, ​​who noticed their line of sight, sent Tomohisa a meaningful line of sight. One day, there was a memo paper along with the textbook in Tomohisa’s desk, where he took classes as usual. The memo paper said, “Come to the ladies’ room on the 3rd floor …”. Tomohisa went to the women’s toilet on the 3rd floor as written on the memo paper, and found Mizuho-senpai … The next morning, Tomohisa can’t get rid of the events of the previous day. When he looks sideways, he doesn’t have Endo, who should always be there. Moreover, even Mr. Mikura, whom he longed for … Tomohisa thinks “no way”, but at that time, Mikura-san and Endo were doing such “no way” on the emergency stairs …