Stringendo: Angel-tachi no Private Lesson episode 8


“Maid’s naughty service ♪”
Tanabe is choosing a DVD at a video shop specializing in maids. Tanabe who went to the cash register receives an invitation for a naughty service from a clerk.
However, Tanabe, who did not accept the invitation, met Shibuya in a maid outfit in the elevator back to his apartment.
Tanabe moved up with Shibuya, who was about to return to pick up his forgotten items, but suddenly the elevator stopped and the electricity went out.
Shibuya, who is groping around, touches the erect penis of Tanabe …!?

“Slimy beach” A beach
that is crowded with many people. On such a beach, there was a place where the eyes of men were concentrated. It was Kirishima dressed in a sensational bikini.
Tsuchiya comes to Kirishima, who is posing to provoke a man.
A sunscreen lotion was offered to Tsuchiya, who was told about Kirishima’s complaints about being disturbed by the good points.
Tsuchiya, who applies lotion to Kirishima’s back after removing his bikini bra, gradually puts his hand down …