Stringendo: Angel-tachi no Private Lesson episode 2


As usual, a group of four male students who are excited about small talk in the corridor. Meanwhile, when Tomohisa was told that he was doing well with Mizuho and Endo was doing well with Mikura-san, Kanda hinted that “I will do well with Miyazawa,” and Tsuchiya was worried about that. Immediately, Kanda invaded the club room of the women’s volleyball club after school, and when she found her underwear from Miyazawa’s locker, Miyazawa and Hime-chan returned. On the other hand, Tsuchiya is told by Mr. Tomishige to have a meeting with his classmate, Mr. Kirishima, at the school festival, but the story is difficult to conclude. When Mr. Kirishima, who was frustrated, went to the staff room to get the prints, drank the liquid on Mr. Tomishige’s desk, and returned to the classroom.