Shishunki Shoujo episode 2


Defeated by Katsumi and holds the penis of the bad guys to protect Kumi. She managed to satisfy the bad guys with a blow job, but she was seen wearing a school swimsuit under her uniform, and the bad guys’ lust was reignited. She was caressed from the top of the swimsuit and pressed against her penis, but she had no power to resist Rina and had no choice but to catch the semen of the bad guys with her whole body.
When Katsumi tries to break Rina’s hymen, Kumi looks at her and prevents Rina from being violated, but she will serve Katsumi’s penis together. Rina, who is already reluctant to resist her, licks her penis and puts it in her mouth as Katsumi says. Kumi who can’t resist her also holds a penis with her Rina. And when a large amount of semen is thrown on the faces of the two, the bad guys flock to Kumi again and commit the pussy one after another.
And when Rina’s virginity is about to be scattered, Junzo appears in front of Rina and her friends.
Junzo is injured by his carelessness, but his toughness rescues Rina from Katsumi and others, but he also faints.
When Junzo wakes up, there is a room in a love hotel. With Kumi’s consideration, she and Rina are alone and confirm each other’s feelings. And the two are safely tied.
And at a later date, the two officially decided to go out with each other. However, Junzo also has a girl clinging around, and Rina’s heart is not calm. They were still upset