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Shishunki Shoujo episode 1

Junzo Koizumi, who is close to a beautiful girl in uniform and has no escape, has a vaginal cum shot . His dream is to make her his own.
However, he was treated as a hater by committing a big blunder that charges into his longing woman, Rina’s skirt. When he is masturbating in the bathroom for a change, something is noisy around him. Looking at the situation, Rina’s friend, Kumi, is surrounded by men. When he helps Kumi as a matter of course, he rushes into the event of loss of virginity while being swept away.
For the first time, he thought he was a longing girl, but …
Kumi got into a group ○○○ at an abandoned factory from bad guys because of a farewell story with ex-boyfriend (?). She was reped without rest, and XX continued without stopping.
The next day, Rina, who is worried about Kumi’s absence, is contacted to come to the abandoned factory if she wants to help her. Will Rina protect her virgin chastity from the waiting bad guys? And what action Junzo takes at that time …