Tiny Evil episode 4


Shu tells his girlfriend Hiroko about his encounter with the doll girl Nina.
Interested in her doll, she visits Shu’s room, but she falls asleep without spending her lover’s time.
Nina reappears under Shu, who is disappointed.
Indecently overruns her Shu’s body, as if to hit her lover sleeping next to her.
At dawn, Nina shows her awakened Hiroko her actions with Shu.
Block her movements and play with her plump body.

Her “I’m crazy I chose ♪ I’ll love you ♪ I’ll love you”

While tasting her Shu’s meat stick in her own small meat jar, her lover is in front of her Nina robs her and raises her roar.
Her innocent voice echoes.

“Beside her who was able to do it … I’ll tell you about you.”