Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2 episode 3


Aaliyah, the war maiden of the remaining months, with a collar attached to her handcuffs and legcuffs.
In her training room, I encountered the unclean Valkyrie Hildegard, the beloved daughter of Odin, the god who shouldn’t be there.
Hildegard, who tried to take her place because of her thoughts on Aaliyah, was captured and she was planted with “mistletoe seeds”.
Her reunion is also empty, and Hildegard commits Aaliyah, who was longing for her sister, with a meat stick grown from “mistletoe seeds”.
On the other hand, Black Valkyrie Leia has fallen both physically and mentally.
She can only think of Duke’s Ji-ko, the leader of the Dark Knight, and she treats Duke’s Ji-ko with her chest.
Leia, who has fallen completely into the dark side, is raped, and every time she is pushed up, she becomes frenzied and turns her back and makes her look happy.
A new moon where the moon is dark … Aaliyah, whose power as a goddess of the remaining moon has weakened on the once-monthly “Eclipse Day”, has been vacantly trained against the ovulation day (dangerous day) that human women call. Finally, it will be seeded by Duke …