Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2 episode 2


As the battle over the land of the gods and the demons intensifies, the goddesses are captured one after another by the tactics of the Demon King Duke.
They fall to ○○, which is repeated without rest, alone … and again.

It is the pure Valkyrie Hildegard who is shackled and rolled on the bed.
A crazy feast begins again in Duke’s castle.
Surrounding her are the three gods of Freya, Fenrir, and Skuld, who have been thoroughly trained and entwined by Deek.
Fenrir, who was supposed to be Duke’s watchman, and Freyja, Skuld, who was once a benevolent goddess, make Hildegard a toy after being raped by three holes.

City squares, stone hills, lots of people.
Beyond the eyes of the people, on the hill is a demigod and a half-demon Loki. And Leia, the war maiden of the blue sky …
Loki used to serve the heavens, but now she is separated from the gods and is under Deek.
Loki forces Leia to get naked and masturbate in front of her people. Threatening to kill all the people here if she doesn’t obey her orders …

Handcuffed, her shackled valkyrie Aaliyah continues to receive all the humiliation in her training room, and many demon soldiers. Will be XX.
Deak ordered Aaliyah to squid all the demon soldiers here.
He added that all the demon soldiers that Aaliyah couldn’t make squid would go to Hildegard.
She loved her like her sister Hildegard …
and Aaliyah’s body turned white and muddy