Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2 episode 1


Deprived of the place where the gods and humans live, the demons who have been driven deep into the ground have been fighting against the heavens for hundreds of years over the land of the human world called “Midgard”.

However, the demons controlled most of the human world by capturing Leia, the war maiden who protects the human world by the strategy of Duke, the leader of the Dark Knights of the Demon King Army.
The demons who were planning to invade the heavens finally decided to publicly execute the war maiden Leia as a sacrifice to pray for victory.
Leia was shackled on her hands and neck and brought to her execution table. Duke reads out Leia’s charges of causing great damage to the Demon King’s army and orders her to be decapitated.
However, at that time, a huge light flies from the sky, breaking through the sky of the demon world.
The illuminant was Aaliyah, a new war maiden who carried the god spear Gungnir at the behest of Odin to regain Leia.
Aaliyah, who has defeated the demon army with her overwhelming power, releases her captive Leia.

Aaliyah rebukes her and helps Leia’s resentment.
At that time, what did Leia think, she robbed Aaliyah’s source of power, the silver ring.
Aaliyah’s surprise is that Leia, who robbed her of her ring, runs under her hero to escape from Aaliyah.
Aaliyah, whose power as a war maiden has weakened, shakes Gungnir and resists, but is suppressed by the demons and becomes her captive.
In this way, the goddesses’ hearts fell into the darkness of pleasure at the insatiable XX feast that was held day and night for the two Valkyrie who became captivated by the demons …