Swallowtail Inn episode 2


I didn’t like the work of the inn, so my sister Fuyuka, who was an office lady in the city, has returned to Shirasagikan. There is no reason to call her sister, and it is actually her sister-in-law. It seems that he heard bad rumors that the proprietress is entertaining richly as a specialty of the inn. It is said that he came back thinking that it was the last cry of Shirasagikan that was about to collapse. However, Fuyuka doesn’t know anything. That’s not surprising, but I can’t afford to underestimate her entertainment. So she consulted with Kenji and decided to experience it once.

A feast of training and pleasure that takes place at the hot spring inn “Shirasagikan”. Men are coming tonight as well, being invited by the ripe female proprietress’s sex appeal.