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Rennyuu Tales The Animation episode 1

・ “Chiaburu!” Kogoro,
the cheerleader who was called to the principal’s office.
In fact, the two were suspected of having a suspicious relationship.
The two pretended to be unfriendly with each other, but in a serious quarrel with a buy word as a selling word …
When I returned to the club room, Nyako who became muki approached Kogoro … !!

・ “Negative x Poji”
Rin Kenji is a lover who works part-time at the same family restaurant.
While working in the warehouse, Kenji faints with Rin, who has fallen from her stepladder.
When Rin kisses her fainted Kenji, she even gives a blow job to her erected cock.
Kenji wakes up there and Rin is in a hurry. Kenji’s lust is in front of Rin …!?

・ “Pretty she is shaking !!”
Yuna Kurohime, an idol who is shooting a swimsuit in the studio.
However, Yuna is criticized by the cameraman for her half-hearted and unattractive woman.
Yuna returns to the dressing room during her break and suddenly kisses her cousin and manager Shouma.
She’s actually Yuna, she’s always liked Shouma.
She can’t stand Shouma in front of Yuna, who explodes her thoughts that she had hidden inside her as an idol.