Ane Chijo Max Heart episode 1

“Finally, this day has come.”
It was the talented and honor student, the idol of the school, Sarasa, who stayed in his room alone, suppressed his desire to rush, and desperately endured his nosebleed.
Her younger brother, Kira-kun, and her two-person living, Sarasa, vowed to devote her first time to celebrate Kira-kun, who passed the same school.
Kira-kun returns home as usual without noticing such a ferocious gaze of her sister. What was waiting for him was a bloody eye, and it was Sarasa’s older sister who straddles the chest dew in an obscene uniform.Looking down from above is the excitement of Sarasa who has been patience. It was an innocent boobs peeking through the eyes and see-through negligee.