Ane Chijo Max Heart episode 4

“What’s this grade?”
Wearing a suit tightly, Sarasa, an instant tutor, pointed to the result of the test that was spread out in front of her while pressing the big breasts left over on Kira’s head sitting in front of the desk. The result of her desperate efforts was second place.
However, “No. It doesn’t make sense if it’s not No. 1. This is proof that I was overtaking the present in the bitch.
” When Sarasa crouched down between her legs while staring at me mysteriously, she squeezed a rubber band to the base of the man who was expecting it …On the other hand, Kasuri continued to misunderstand.
She called Kira into her club room to change her way of attacking, wondering if she would come more aggressively.
In front of Kira, who was coming about this thing, Kasuri, who stared shyly at her, was trapped in a locker in her changing room together in a swimsuit that was dressed tightly to her young limbs