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Love Doll episode 4

Masha, the bully at the boarding school where Rachel spent her childhood, had her house collapsed and fell into a prostitute in the city. One night she deals with a gentleman wearing an eye mask. The man seems to have been sexually incapacitated since he was hurt on the battlefield. He finds out that she is a whore in the treatment. Masha happens to meet Rachel again, and she learns that the gentleman in Blindfold is Rachel’s uncle, Marquis Luce.

Knowing her secret, Masha threatens Luce and gets her money. She sneaks into the newspaper shop to further bully Rachel, but is erased by Rachel’s hand. Luce thanks Rachel for saving the Marquis from the scandal. And he begins to confess that there is another cause of sexual dysfunction. Rachel listens to the story of Luce, who is unprecedentedly weak.